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Swollen Feet

Swollen feet can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, some of which are localised and affect only the feet and ankles, whilst others are systemic, affecting the whole body as with kidney or liver failure.

What Causes Swollen Feet?

Swelling is caused by a build up of fluids in the tissues of the feet. The swelling of feet may be temporary and can be as a result of a diet high in salt and carbohydrates or the extensive use of laxatives, diuretics or other medication. Some people experience swollen feet only during the summer months - this can be caused if the person has been walking or standing for long periods in high temperatures.

What can you do about Swollen Feet?

It is imperative to visit your doctor if you have persistent foot swelling or in addition, if you have been experiencing problems breathing, or with weight gain or skin lesions. Whatever the cause, what is certain is that having swollen feet can adversely affect your mobility and your comfort. Having correctly fitting footwear is key to achieving optimal comfort.

So why pick Wider Fit Shoes for your Swollen Feet?

At Wider Fit Shoes we have long been regarded as the experts in wider fitting shoes for wide and swollen feet for ladies and men. We offer width fittings of EE, 4E, 6E, 8E and variable fit, and are thus able to offer the most comprehensive range of wide fitting footwear in the U.K.

Many of our shoes have padded ankle support, lightweight soles, smooth internal seams, and deep toe boxes for extra comfort. Our shoes look good, fit in with our customers' lifestyles and provide value for money. We offer the most comfortable solutions available for wide or swollen feet.

Shoes suitable for people with Swollen Feet

Why are our shoes so good for those with Swollen Feet?

Most DB easy b shoes have been designed to be as smooth internally as possible to reduce the possibility of rubbing. There are very few internal seams, and where seams exist, we have put them in a position that will reduce the possibility of rubbing.

A number of our styles have seam free toe boxes to reduce the risk of rubbing to a minimum. These shoes are less likely to chafe, providing comfort and security, provided they have been fitted correctly.

We offer some of the widest, deepest fitting footwear available, designed to reduce the pains of swollen feet, with many styles available in 6E, 6V or 8E fittings. We are not aware of any other main stream manufacturer making any shoes in a fitting as wide and deep as our 8E fitting.

Make an appointment at one of our GOLD STAR STOCKISTS or visit a qualified podiatrist who will examine your feet and give you expert advice about the most suitable footwear for you.

If for any reason having received your shoes they are not comfortable or do not meet your needs please talk to our customer services team who can give you further help (ring +44 (0)1933 359217 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm) or return the shoes using our FREE returns service to get an alternative size / fitting.

Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and should not be taken as a diagnosis. All questions and concerns should be directed to your Doctor, Podiatrist or other health advisor.