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What Our Customers Say

DB Wider fit Shoes has always valued feedback about its products and service from foot health professionals and customers alike. Your opinion helps us to develop the right product to meet our customers' needs, and your comments help us to constantly improve both the range of shoes and our service.

If you have any views you'd like to share with us, please email enquiry@dbshoes.co.uk or write to:

Customer Services Department, DB Shoes Ltd,
Irchester Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 9XF
I have recieved the shoes for men 6E-8E in good condition, thanks for that. More happy I am about the shoes itself. I never found a pair of shoes (here in the Netherlands or even in Germany) that fitted so well. It was like: step-in and feeling at home. I have very wide feet and size K (dutch width-size) is even to narrow for me. So compliments to your company !!! Mrs N, Netherlands
I have recently bought a pair of HULL shoes and my expectations of "out of the box" comfort have been fully satisfied. I wrote in February that the Wetherby boot had given a new lease of life to my walking (finished the Thames Path with no discomfort at all) and the HULL with a similar construction is just as good. I would also like to say that I have received a personal and prompt service in my on-line ordering that one would expect in a good retail shop. Mr P
I ordered two pairs of shoes in the sale but found them a little bit snug. The return was simplicity itself and the replacement shoes were delivered shortly after. Very pleased with quality and fit. Many thanks to all concerned. I highly recommend your company and will shop with you again. Mrs S, Kent
Just had to say how delighted I am with my Jay boots. I've had them on for 12 hours today and only just realised I was still wearing them - normally the first thing I do when I get home is take my shoes off. The level of comfort is an absolute joy...and the fact they are stylish and look totally mainstream is brilliant - no-one except I would ever know they were 4EE. Beautifully made, stylish, COMFORTABLE footwear...I will be back!! Mrs S
I've just received my Erin sandals that you altered for me, by shortening the straps and I would like to pass on my thanks for not only the alteration but also for the helpfulness of the ladies I dealt with. What brilliant service! Mrs W
Many thanks for your excellent and very prompt service. I've received the Wetherby boots and have to say I'd recommend them for comfort and quality without hesitation. Your no-nonsense, straightforward approach is so refreshing. it's a delight to deal with a retailer that means what they say and stands by a well deserved reputation. Thank you very much again. J MacDonald, Ayrshire
Today I was wearing my Crocus coloured Flavia shoes and a friend complimented me on them, and said she liked the colour. With very wide feet, I'm not used to getting compliments about my footwear so thought I would pass my thanks on to you! Mrs A
I have no idea why it's taken me so long to find you but I want to say a huge thank you to your designers for making me feel so much better and look so much better. I have bunions and wide feet. Related to the bunions, I have moderate arthritis in my toe joints. I have been wearing walking shoes or boots for years. I've had to wear them with smart clothes and even once with a ball dress after trying hard to last as long as possible with court shoes. I had no idea my feet were as small as they are. My shoes have been size 6-7 in walking shoes. I am a size 5 EEEE. I have had one week now in a pair of your shoes. You have no idea how happy I have felt and I'm just telling everyone about your fashionable looking shoes for wider feet. I bought a pair of summer sandals as well. They look great and they fit my deep insoles. I can't wait until your winter brochure comes out. I would like an up to date looking ankle boot in brown and another pair in black. I'd love a knee high boot as well! The assistant I bought the shoes from said that she would be able to fit me with most shoes - a style for every occasion. I was served in Pershore whilst on holiday with family in Worcester. I found out about DB Shoes on a discussion page on an arthritis website. I simply put something like 'arthritis feet shoes' into Google. Then I found a shop in Pershore on your website and spent over an hour there being fitted. I began insisting on trying boots on only because I was certain I would only flip flop in and out of sandals. Then the assistant persuaded me to try some sandals and I saw that they were deep enough to take my insoles. I was utterly amazed. Utterly. Speechless. For years, I have dreaded shoe shopping. The last pair I bought in a high street store was a pair of brogues DocMartins. I hate them. I got them because I thought I'd try to wear something more suitable for working in a school. But I'm clumsy in them and really they look too manly for me. What an absolute joy it is to see the trendy styles you have. I have no need to look further. If you need someone to do a photo shoot wearing your shoes for your catalogue I would be very proud to do so! Mrs B
I am writing to say how absolutely delighted I am to have found wider fit shoes. I cannot remember when I last owned shoes which were so comfortable and the correct size, rather than 2 sizes larger, which is what I now realise I have been buying in order to get the extra width. Mrs H, Middlesex
Thank you so much for your email. What exemplary and extraordinary customer service. Mrs S, London
My order arrived last Saturday, and I want to tell you how delighted I am with the shoes. I feel rather like a child who runs about saying to people 'Look at my new shoes' because, although they are not fashionable, they certainly are the very best I have seen for women with difficult feet. THANK YOU! Mrs B, Gloucestershire
I am writing to thank you so much for my new shoes. I have had difficulty all my life for getting shoes to fit me. As a child I had them specially made for me. The problem there was they were always so unfashionable. As I grew up I had difficulties with shoes. But these shoes I have from you named Keighley are fashionable and so very comfy. I just want to say thank you so very much. Mrs A, East Sussex
Finding you has been such an amazing thing. As I said in my e-mail, my husband has had issues with shoe fittings all his life and the ones he got on our trip to GB have been amazing. Never has he put on shoes and had immediate comfort in them. There would always be months of "breaking in". Mrs D, Canada
The service I had again was excellent! On the phone advice about fittings. The e mails to keep me informed of progress of order. Speed of exchange and the difference of refund. Again I found shopping with you hassle free! Thank you from a very satisfied customer. Mrs D, Hampshire
I was delighted and impressed with the speed of delivery and quality of the packing of my boots. The boots are extremely well made and built to last. Unfortunately, I did not measure my foot size and width too well and had to ask you if you would be willing to exchange the boots for a different size. Without any quibble you agreed to exchange them and again I was impressed with your return facility which was again easy, efficient and quick. I would recommend your range of products to anybody with wider foot fitting and certainly your level of customer care, which is truly excellent. Mr D, Lancashire
I recently ordered a pair of ""Glossop"" shoes, which arrived a couple of days ago and I feel I just HAVE to let you know how utterly fantastic they are!! Having spent years trying to find shoes that fit properly and are comfortable I just can't believe how brilliant these shoes are - today I walked for FOUR HOURS non stop and my feet were so comfortable, no aches or pains for the first time in about 20 years!!! I am sure that I will be buying many more shoes from you from now on. Once again, many thanks for the best shoes I have ever worn! Mrs S, Oxfordshire
Thank you so much for sending the refund cheque for £70.83. On behalf of my elderly neighbour I bought SEVEN pairs of shoes from you over the past few months and she was very disappointed that the two pairs of boots she also ordered recently just didn't fit. However, the other 7 pairs have really transformed her life; she broke her foot and then a toe and has found walking very difficult and painful - until she found Widerfit Shoes. She is now able to walk without pain and as they are so supportive she wears them at home as well as outside. She was also delighted with the speedy delivery and free returns, and so grateful to have found shoes she can wear without any pain at all. Very many thanks! Mrs H, West Sussex
I would like people to know that your excellent shoes do accomodate a large and rigid foot splint, having had awful problems myself getting shoes over splints. Mrs S, Middlesex
My thanks for my replacement pair of DB easy b shoes. I am delighted with them. Yours will be the only catalogue I shall have to keep for when I need shoes. Thank you to the staff for being so patient with me. Mrs H, Isle of Wight
Over the past years I have discovered that Wider Fit Shoes are the only shoes that I can wear. Miss W, London
The replacement HENRY shoes are extremely comfortable - I obviously underestimated the problem of my awkward feet. Many thanks for your excellent service and quality products and of course the unexpected refund. Mr S, London
I am more grateful to you than I can say for your patience and thoughtfulness . My heartfelt thanks go to you and your firm. After many long years I at last have footwear that I simply love. Miss P, Ayrshire
I had both my feet operated on back in April 2013 (bunion removal) and since then have found it impossible to buy shoes. My consultant said that the swelling on my feet could take up to a year to go down. As I work, I really needed some comfortable yet fashionable footwear. At last, I have the answer. I have bought my first pair of shoes from you (Florence) and the joy is that your sizes accommodate not only for the width but also depth of my feet. My new shoes arrived on Saturday, and I thought that I should wear them for approximately 2 hours or so to 'break them in' but no; I kept them on all day. They are soft, well crafted and I simply love them. Thank you so very much. As I said, I have purchased my first pair of shoes from you and will definitely be ordering more. Mrs B, Devon
I would like to thank you all for sorting my shoes out for me, they arrived this morning you have all done a superb job, from start to finish it has been a hassle free experience, it is wonderful to be treated so well, and cared for. Thank you so much, one very grateful customer. Mrs H, Norfolk
Your company gives outstanding customer service. Your shoes are of the highest quality and they really do fit and really are comfortable. I am so pleased I have found your shoes and just wish you had a shop here in Australia! I am sure there would be many people here that would appreciate your wonderful shoes. I always tell people about your company when I get the chance too. Mrs O, Australia
I have to write to say that after years of having to wear men's casual shoes size 10 to fit my swollen feet I am now the happy owner of a pair of red Snowflake sandals size 9 , 6E-8E fitting, that make me feel I am walking on air plus feel a bit feminine, even at 80. I am so pleased with them I had to write and tell you. I shall certainly recommend you to my friends. Why did I not find you years ago!!! Mrs H, Kent
I felt it important as a retired medical practitioner to write and commend your service and product. Sales lady Kim took my call. She was patient, courteous and instructive. Listened carefully, questioned appropriately and identified with my problems. The shoes arrived a couple of days later. Perfect! Comfortable pleasing to the eye and providing footwear to the highest standards. This eulogy is sent after years of searching to no avail and great expense. Dr S, North Yorkshire
Just wanted to say that I am delighted with both pairs of shoes that I ordered. I will certainly be buying from you again, in fact I may never shop anywhere else for shoes! Mrs M, France
Thank you for all of your help. The replacement shoes are perfect and made the wedding day for me at least. Wish I had known of your company before I was provided with NHS shoes. You give a fast, courteous and efficient service. Mr M, Devon
I have been a regular customer of Wider Fit Shoes for several years now and found the service is absolutely brilliant. On Occasion I have purchased sandals that were too long but chose not to return them.. Knowing how difficult it can be to find wide fit shoes I'm sure I will come across someone who will be able to fully appreciate the quality and fit of the sandals. After losing one shoe at the swimming baths (Don't ask!) and about to go on holiday shortly after, I purchased 'Rosie' Having read the review I did wonder whether I should go for a smaller size but decided that I really liked the look and didn't want to be stuck should the small size be too small. Rosie are a bit long for me but like another of your customers I tie the laces more tightly and that reduces slippage. My next pair will be one size smaller. Rosie really does make your feet look slimmer and they a very stylish just right for any occasion! I have had lots of compliments on them. The quality of wider fit shoes is top notch - Ok after 5/6/7 years my Pansy shoes and my house shoes finds the velcro worn and not so sticky but I wonder where in the world could you find shoes that last as long? My Phoebe shoes are still perfect. I do find the price to be on the more expensive side initially but the quality and fit more than make up for this... because they last so long (I have just calculated that my pansy shoes have cost me just over 13 for each year and still going well!) Making them a fantastic bargain therefore value gains top marks too. In addition, buying during sale time increases the opportunity to grab the most delectable shoes. Goodness you can buy shoes that are named - how delightful is that? Having diabetes means I have to be careful about sustaining any damage to my feet and the fit of wider fit shoes is usually spot on and of course if I was at all unhappy I can opt to use the returns system. Finally I must say that my Wider fit shoes are the softest, lightest most comfortable shoes I have discovered. I have found staff, should I need to contact them by phone or email, to be exceptionally responsive and helpful. Wider fit shoes were recommended to me by a very helpful Chiropodist, I haven't looked back since and recommend Wider Fit to everybody who has a need to have non traditional fitting and desires to have soft, comfortable, supportive stylish shoes whatever your age. Mrs W, West Midlands
Just recieved my shoes today. Thank you so very much, they are a perfect fit and I want to thank you for everything, all your e-mails keeping me posted and for a no quibble returns. I will def be shopping with you again. Mr G, Ireleand
Christine, shoes have arrived OK. Wife says they are the most comfortable shoes she has ever had and likes the colour. Many thanks for your help Mr W, Surrey
Just a wee note to let you know we got the replacement shoes on Tuesday thanks. They fit Dad perfectly and he is delighted to have a pair of decent shoes again. Thanks again for all your help and a great service Mr C, Highlands
Just wanted to let you know that I received my boots yesterday morning and they are fantastic and they fit beautifully. Thank you again for making these for me. I'm so happy I found your Company a few years ago as I really was struggling to get shoes to fit. I have many pairs of your shoes and boots and I shall continue to purchase from yourselves in the future. Mrs J, Leicestershire
I'd just like to thank you so much for my "Sizzle" black patent shoes they fit like a glove so comfortable and I only just realised they match my handbag by accident as theres the black patent pattern on part of it:) meant to be I think. Its so easy to exchange as I had to as I'd ordered the larger size but found it too big. Thank you again, I'll be back! Mrs K, Staffordshire
...just letting you know that shoes arrived this afternoon - after a 13 days' journey, but in best condition, fitting perfectly. And: WHAT A BARGAIN ! Thank you ever so much for posting your GREAT shoes to Germany! Mrs F, Germany
After enduring ill-fitting shoes for too long I received my first pair of Wider Fit shoes today and I am over the moon. They are wonderful! Please send me a catalogue in order I choose other styles. Mrs T, Kincardineshire
Thank you very much for rectifying so promptly my mistake in over paying by 10.92 the amount due in respect of my recent purchase. I regret the trouble I have caused. I should also like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with your wider fit shoes. Mr M, Scotland
I went to your store last Saturday with my elderly father who has oedema in his feet/ankles and also has a hammer toe on each foot. Having failed to get good footwear for him in the past, I was delighted to find your shop. The service was excellent, and he got fitted out with exactly what he wanted and needed in no time at all. The assistance we received was spot on - staff who knew their stuff and were courteous. Please thank your staff, and feel free to publish this recommendation. C. A. S
I have now had delivery of the second set of specials that you have kindly made for me. The navy blue is super to wear, it goes wonderfully with my blue trousers and the navy shows through as the light changes on the shoes, wonderful. My light beige shoes I have only worn once and they are quite stunning, the darker sole does actually correspond beautifully with the light leather and I recommend it. Both pairs of shoes fit like a glove and are so comfortable to wear, the higher instep suits me wonderfully. I don't expect to wear the beige ones much at this time of year; but the blue, green and red that you supplied me with at a previous time will peek out from the waterproofs that I seem to have to wear all the time in my wheelchair in the winter. Charles I must thank you will all my heart, it is so wonderful that a large international company has time for the little man. Again, my sincere thanks for a wonderful product Mr F, Warwickshire
In brief: it was xmas and birthday in one... and if I would have known your online shop 10 ys ago, I would have saved lots of money - and even more grief, pain and frustration. Thank you for your very fast+safe delivery to Germany. Mrs F, Germany
Many thanks for your prompt and helpful service Mr O, London
I have not been able to purchase wide or deep enough shoes for him over the years. I saw your advert in "Woman's Weekly" and sent for your brochure. With great relief my husband now has two pairs of your shoes which are really comfortable for him. I would certainly recommend DB Wider Fit Shoes to anyone, thank you Mrs K, Norfolk
I am more than happy to say that I have never found such wonderfully comfortable shoes. This is the first time I have been able to buy the right length, usually I have to buy 2 sizes larger to get the width I need Mrs T, Hampshire
Just a short note to say a big Thank you to you. I am a new customer, and I am absolutely delighted with the shoes you sent me, so much so, that I have ordered a new pair immediately. They are so comfortable that I cannot believe that I have finally found shoes that fit me Mrs F, Sussex
Your staff are always very helpful on the phone and I find ordering shoes quite easy and I don't have to wait long for them to be delivered Mrs I, Cambridgeshire
Thank you for returning my shoes to me so promptly after our conversation over the phone, and for sending me the refund. I feel I have been dealt with very fairly, and I have appreciated the personal concern in this matter. Mrs L, Sussex
Since finding your shoes several years ago I have built up a little wardrobe of them. They are the only shoes that are comfortable from the first moment I put them on Mrs B, London
Thank you, thank you Widerfit. Your shoes are the only shoes in the country to fit my size 3, 8E feet. I used to have cosyfeet shoes. They were fine, but were never really wide enough, or comfortable under foot. Then I found Widerfit a few years ago, and they do more and more size 8E now. I have to wear orthotics in my shoes because of arthritis, and even had NHS shoes made once but even they were not as comfy under foot as Widerfit. There is something magical about the soles of these shoes. Great selection of styles too. Well done to all the team at Widerfit. Mrs H Derbyshire
Replacement shoes arrived today and the fit is excellent. Thank you very much for your very efficient service. Mr B, Devon
Thank you for sending me your latest catalogue. Your shoes are the most comfortable I have ever worn. Miss S, Carmarthenshire
I would like to take this opportunity to express my wife and sister in laws thanks for their recent orders, they ordered two pairs of shoes each, my wife's fitted beautifully and stopped the pain in her feet straight away I think she would wear them in bed if she could. The sister in law's had to be changed for a smaller size this was done in a very courteous and pleasant manner and she is also a happy bunny now, once again thank you so much we will be recommending your company to our friends Mr P, Worcestershire
I have recently acquired several pairs of shoes/sandals and wanted to thank you for producing such comfortable shoes. Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of money on shoes and find most of them either finish up at the charity shop or in the back of my wardrobe. Your style of shoes are thoughtfully designed with extra width and particularly "head room" in the toes, this has helped so much with a painful toe problem. Also though I am an OAP, I do not want to be frumpy and I feel your designs keep me smart and fashionable. Anonymous
I would like to say how great these shoes are. I have lymphedema and have one foot that swells during a day spent working in my bookshop. Since wearing these shoes I have had no problems with my feet at all. I only wear Rowena in several colours every day and never feel the need to kick them off as soon as I get home. I have now cleaned out all my other shoes and enjoy pain free feet for the first time in my life. Mrs W, Melbourne, Australia
Absolutely delighted with the shoes (now with straps!) that I received yesterday. Please extend my thanks to all concerned - excellent customer service, much appreciated. Mrs C, Devon
I wish to congratulate you on your prompt and efficient service. I ordered a pair of men's sandals on 23 January 2012 and received them in the Isle of Man today (25 January 2012). Very many thanks Mrs W, Isle of Man
I wish to pass on my thanks for such an efficient service. On receiving a sales leaflet 5/1/2012, I chose a pair of shoes, telephoned my order on Mon 9th Jan and was assured the order would arrive during the next week. Lo and behold the shoes arrived at my home on Wed 11th Jan, now that's what I call service! The shoes were a perfect fit. I would definitely recommend your business to friends and family Mrs B, Leicestershire
My husband was delighted with the first pair as he has been trying for some time to get the right shoes Mrs B, Leicestershire
Just wanted to say that the boots that I received from you in November are very comfortable, and that I was able to wear them straight away, I walked into town and back again, with no discomfort. Am very pleased with my purchase and service. Would recommend to anyone with foot problems. Thank you. Mrs C, Essex
I just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with your service! I always thought my father to be a size 15. Turns out he has been forever buying four sizes too big, just to get the width. Thanks to your measuring chart and cut out tape measure I was able to work out he really is an 11 4E, and I ordered a pair of DB shoes ("Ryan") for him. They look great and fit great, and he is absolutely delighted with them! So thank you very much indeed!!!! (With all the wide foot genes in our family I will probably be back soon to get some shoes for myself too!) Mrs M, Lancashire
I recently purchased a pair of the shoes you designate as 'Rosie'. They are delight to wear as well as being very stylish. They are the smartest and best fitting lace-up in my wardrobe. I would like to pass on my appreciation to all concerned in their production. Mrs R, London
Thank you for sending the replacement pair of shoes to my Mother, Mrs V. They fit perfectly and she is delighted with them. Thank you so much for your helpful and efficient service. Mrs C, West Sussex
I'm delighted with the Kensington shoes - I can wear them straight away without "breaking them in" first - they fit like gloves! Mr R, Aylesbury
It was a pleasant surprise to receive the 3.70 cheque form you as part of the discount on some slippers that I recently ordered and wrongly calculated the discount to be deducted. It was not a large amount but it does show to me that you look after your customers. I would also like to say that I have been very pleased with all the footwear that I have purchased from you in the past. Mr W, Wiltshire
I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for the replacement Truro Boots received yesterday. I couldn't have asked for better service. Your footwear is excellent and I recommend you to all my friends. I particularly like some of the fashionable styles you have available. You far surpass your competitors. Just because I have hard to fit feet shouldn't mean I have to compromise on style as was the case until I discovered your company. Kind regards, Mrs Y, Strathclyde
Since he has put his new wide fitting shoes from you his feet are getting better day by day. The inflammation is gradually going. So thanks so much for the lovely shoes and slippers Mrs M, West Midlands
It's the first time for years I am able to slip a pair of shoes on and experience comfort. Thank you. Mrs H, Kent
I recently returned a pair of shoes, requesting a bigger width. I accidently returned an orthotic with one of the shoes and would just like to thank the people involved for taking care of it and returning it to me. I am pleased to have it back. This is the first time I have used Wider Fit Shoes and I have been most impressed both with the product and the service given. Mrs M, Aberdeenshire
I am delighted with your good service and accurate description and your shoes suite my slightly difficult to fit feet very well. Mrs D, NSW, Australia
This is the first time I have used Wider Fit Shoes and I have been most impressed both with the product and the service given. Mrs A, Aberdeen
Thank you for your shoes, they are both comfortable and supporting, in fact they feel great. I'll be back for more shoes Miss L, Ayreshire
Thanks for the boots, I received this morning, they were a good fit, and a very speedy delivery, could not believe, that I posted the order on Tuesday and had them in Northern Ireland by Friday. Mrs G, N. Ireland
I am delighted to say for the first time in decades I was able to take shoes from the box and wear them without any problems into town, something I had given up on. Mrs J, Cwmbran
I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to your Wider Fit mail order business for sending my news so promptly, so beautifully packed, and such a perfect fit. Mrs D, Perthshire
I have struggled for many years trying to find a pair of shoes. I have only had two pairs in over ten years. Both pairs dark and with laces, and just about bearable till the warm months arrived, then I had to go out with thin black socks on and no shoes. Upset and desperate my GP sent me to hospital where I was measured and asked to return five weeks later. When my husband and I went back we were horrified to be given footwear so huge and "boxy" we both nearly cried. The shoes came home with us and went into the bin! Then when we thought that was it, we saw your booklet, I thought I'm going to be disappointed again, but tried anyway. I'm so glad I did as I now have a pair of shoes that I could get on straight away. So then I didn't mind crying. I am looking forward to getting more pairs. Thank you so much. I'm sending you both a hug! Mrs W, Yorkshire
I thank you for providing un-frumpy shoes in nice colours and various fittings Mrs M, Dorset
I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the service you provide. Before I was aware of your wider shoe sizes I had given up hope of finding comfortable shoes. I am very grateful to you for making walking a pleasure again! Mr C, Yorkshire
Many thanks for the blue house shoes which are fine and fun. It is great to be able to find shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. Mrs G, Essex
I'm writing to tell you that my shoes arrived today and I'm absolutely thrilled! I actually started crying when I tried them on- they were so comfortable! For the first time in many years I shall be able to wear dresses and skirts this autumn/winter. Having had to resort to men's shoes and trainers for so many years this is such a relief and I just danced around the room full of joy! It may sound silly but it's nevertheless true. Thank you thank you so much for the speedy order and for these wonderful shoes!You cannot get anything like this in Sweden, where I live! Kindest regards from a satisfied costumer in Sweden, Mrs R Sweden Mrs R, Sweden
The shoes are supportive, while still being light, so I am now walking better no longer shuffling as I was when wearing slip on shoes. My osteopath and reflexologist are both impressed with my improvement, it can only be due to the shoes as they are the only things that have changed. Mrs M, Derbyshire
What did surprise me is that I normally take a size 10 from M&S in extra-wide fitting, but your sizing only came out at an 8. It now seems that all my life I have bought shoes that were too long in an effort to get the width I required, but even then not achieved real comfort. DB seems to be a well kept secret, but I am glad I have finally discovered you! Mr S, Devon
I'd just like to send a quick thank you for the additional insoles that I received today, free of charge, for my 'Florence' shoes, which were a little wide on my 'ordinary' foot! The lady I spoke to on the phone was friendly and efficient and the insoles seem to have done the trick. The shoes are comfy and attractive and I shall certainly be buying from you again. Many thanks! Mrs C, Cheshire
I ordered my sandals on 25/3/11 and was very surprised to receive them so quickly on 28/3/11. Firstly, may I say how helpful "Kim" was who I initially spoke to prior to ordering the shoes. I was somewhat nervous about placing an order because I have ordered numerous pairs of shoes from various companies all claiming that their shoes would accommodate extremely wide feet only to find upon receipt that they gave very little extra space and I would have to return them. I cannot even begin to comprehend how much I have spent on postage in the past with delivery/return of unsuitable shoes. Kim reassured me that if the sandals were unsuitable then I could return them to you free of charge and have a refund. She was extremely knowledgeable about your products and gave me advice about maybe the best possible pair to suit my needs. If I am absolutely honest with you when I received the shoes I literally burst into tears. For about 10 years now I have had to have shoes made for me because I have very wide, swollen feet due to ill health. All shoes supplied to me looked like two barge poles always being black in colour ...... This meant that for 10+ years any special occasion always dictated that I always wore black trousers so my footwear did not look out of place thus limiting my wardrobe. But now your shoes have opened up a whole new world to me. I am so excited now because it means that I can now wear skirts and dresses with "feminine looking shoes". What made matters worse was having a friend who adores footwear so everytime we hit the shops she would make a beeline to the shoe shops leaving me looking on with envy. Recently I attended the orthotics department at my local hospital and the nurse dealing with me said I would never be able to wear shoes bought from the high street ever again. How wrong she was ...... I always said if I won the lottery then getting some footwear would be my first move. But now I feel like I've won the lottery 10 times over !!!!! Admittedly it may be a while before I can afford a second pair but you most certainly will get my order everytime. Thank you so much you've made me "feel like a new woman". Mrs C, Manchester
Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my latest shoes, the "Honiton" flat pump. Having endlessly searched for a properly fitting pair to no avail, to receive the shoes and find them so comfortable and well fitting and for them to look good is a dream come true. Many, many thanks. Mrs A, Yorkshire
Just a quick email to let you know that my shoes arrived Tuesday 21st Dec despite the snow etc. The shoes are perfect and I will enjoy wearing them. Mr FM, Derbyshire
Delighted with the purchase of two pairs ladies shoe on Tuesday 25th January, plus measured fitting by your staff member, worth the 104 mile round trip. Mr F, Hertfordshire
Just to let you know how pleased I am with my first order from you. The boots I have purchased are very comfortable and a good fit . I hope to be ordering again from you in the future. Ms A, Warwickshire
Just a big well done to all your team excellent service, and super fast. Mr K, Bedfordshire
Black shoes received Saturday morning and worn immediately for an outing. Very comfortable. Many thanks for all your help Miss T, Middlesex
What joy it is to now have shoes that I can walk properly in, comfortably, and have a choice of styles and colours already in my wardrobe! Thank you all so much for your help in achieving this, and for your excellent service. I have no doubt that I shall be contacting you again in a few months time for more shoes. Mrs S, Cambridgeshire
Just a note to say I am delighted with the quality and the fit of your shoes. Miss K, Carmarthenshire
Thank you for my two pairs of beautiful Florence shoes. They are so comfortable, light and an excellent fit. Mrs G, West Sussex
I'm so glad I discovered Wider Fit Shoes. And what brilliant service - thank you. Mrs C, Middlesex
Several times in the past year I have bought shoes by telephone from your company, and in every case have been immensely impressed by the kindness, cheerfulness and patience of the ladies who answer the phones. Please will you tell them how much this customer appreciates their work, I think you are very fortunate to have such excellent employees! Mrs T, Cheshire
About a year ago I spotted your advert in the Mail on Sunday. I now have five pairs of shoes, in black, navy and silver in various styles, plus one pair of slippers! The styles are so slimming and "Pansy" finished my outfit off for my nephew's wedding. I have received "Nudge" which makes me feel more "modern"! All my collection is very comfortable and I am so pleased with them. I write now because it may be some time before I need a new pair of shoes! I will, however always be a satisfied customer. I wish you and your very helpful staff much success in the future. The service you provide is second to none! Mrs S, Derbyshire
I am enjoying wearing "Chantelle" with the straps closed tightly. Very good support. Admired by friends today who want to see catalogues you sent to me. Mrs C, Cambridgeshire
Thank you so much for being patient with m and helping me to find shoes that fit and are comfortable!! All of your staff are so kind, friendly and helpful. What a refreshing change from High stree shops. Many Thanks. Mrs K, Hampshire
Many thanks for my new shoes called Adrian, they arrived this morning and are perfect, thanks for your help and care. Ian Fraser-Martin, Derbyshire
Thank you for my comfy Phoebe shoes and super fast delivery, they came only a day after I ordered them. Excellent service Mrs M, Hampshire
It is hard to explain how good it feels to be able to get really comfy shoes Mrs B
Brilliant service. Will definitely recommend you to my friends Mr B, Norfolk
Thank you so much for your help and the extremely efficient service Mrs S, Devon
For years after suffering from arthritis and having great difficulty in obtaining shoes that fit, at DB Shoes I have found the perfect solution. The service I have received from your company is second to none and at last I have shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Thank you for your kindness and courtesy. Rest assured I will be back for more Mrs P, Leicestershire
I am absolutely delighted with the shoes and what is more I am so pleased to have found a company able to supply shoes to fit my awkward feet Mrs C, Devon
Thank you for your patience and considerate service. It is such a relief to find somewhere that has shoes that actually fit properly. Mr H, Perthshire
I have just received my shoes and am delighted with them, and how well they fit. I have had great difficulty for years trying to find shoes that fit. I AM SO PLEASED I found your website, and will use you again. Mrs M, Highlands
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my beautiful, elegant COMFORTABLE Venice sandals. I have had decades of misery trying to find attractive comfortable shoes. Thank goodness I found you.I am looking forward to my next pair Mrs P, Gloucestershire
To find such smart, well made shoes in my fitting and to experience such comfort is truly amazing, thank you Mrs S, Middlesex
I am only too happy to commend your town boots "Track" and the helpfulness of all in the order room readers of your catalogue. (Please make them in Navy!) Mrs M, Northumberland
I have just received the alternative shoes which replace the ones originally ordered. I would like to say how pleased I am with them - they went on with no problems at all - very unusual for me!!! I would not hesitate to recommend them to people I know with sizing difficulties such as I normally have. I will certainly order further pair(s) in the near future. Mr S, Reading
Thank you again for providing such well fitting shoes. I am grateful every time I put them on! Mrs S, Hertfordshire
I have had several shoes from you but this season I had a pair of heeled sandals "Da Bella" in black. I am just delighted with them and hope you will continue and hopefully extend your range. Mrs B, Shropshire
Thank you so much for the new insoles for my old faithful bar shoes.This is the best service I have ever had from any business and I congratulate you. Mrs T, Wiltshire
Following a very successful visit to your wide fitting section at your factory shop a couple of Saturdays ago, may we compliment your company on the range you offer in this department. My husband had unsuccessfully searched locally for wider fitting shoes and was delighted with the range, quality and price you offered. He managed to buy 3 pairs on the day ( 2 Peter and 1 Toby ). He is still seeking a leather open sandal, and open work shoe, and hopes these may be available in the spring range. Fingers crossed! I, too, purchased a pair of Florence in Espresso, and was delighted to find a stylish, pearlised style in wide fit - a rare treat. May we particularly compliment you on your staff. The assistant who served us went to a great deal of trouble for us both, which we very much appreciated, particularly as she dealt with three separate couples at the same time, all with a calm yet professional style. We hope to visit again before too long or, at least, order direct from the catalogue we now have. Mrs C
It has been a pleasure to deal with the ladies on your order line. They have beautifully clear voices and are extremely helpful and very efficient with lots of common sense. Congratulations. Mrs F, Notts
I feel like a child on Christmas morning!! My feet have hurt for most of my adult life to the point where others noticed my limping around. I am only 35 and have no other medical conditions. Why am I sharing all this... Because these shoes have made a huge difference in my life. I can get through an entire day without limping and am wearing a pair of 4 year old "Phoebes" that look and feel like new. I get compliments ALL the time on my "funky" shoes and happily refer others to your website. Ms N-H, USA
I am delighted with my order, they fit well and are very comfortable. I am showing your catalogue to my friends. Mrs D, Surrey
I've never had such good fitting shoes in my life. I will be ordering again. Mrs R, Hampshire
My two pairs of shoes arrived yesterday. They are just right. Thank you for such a prompt response. Mrs K, Leicestershire
Thank you very much for my recent order and all previous orders. I am very pleased and they are exactly as described - at last I have shoes which I like and are comfortable. Thank you also for the fantastic customer service - all greatly appreciated. Mrs R, Yorkshire
These few lines to let you know that I've received my house shoes which are called Quilts and they are very comfortable. Excellent service too I recommend to anyone. Thank you. Mrs T, Hampshire
I must say what a wonderful service you give. The shoes are a great success, I haven't known such a good service for years. Mrs S, Surrey