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Pictures can be Deceiving


At first glance, you may think all our shoes look 'normal' - that they will never fit wider or 'difficult' feet.
But pictures can be deceiving! Our shoes are designed with many benefits that cannot easily be seen in a
picture, however they all contribute to making our shoes supremely comfortable and making the wearing
experience so much more enjoyable.

Please use our Measuring Guide How to measure your feet to find your correct fitting
- and don't be put off - we can find a stylish, wide fitting shoe to suit you!

Features Summary
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Variety of Width Fittings

No two feet are the same, so why do High Street shoes only offer one fitting? We understand this - so our shoes are available in seven width fittings - so you can get the PERFECT FIT for your individual feet.
See Fitting Advice for more information
Please note we show the smallest shoe fitting in the picture! So don't be deceived by appearances, our shoes are available in wider and deeper fittings too - in fact our 8E fitting is the deepest width fitting available off the shelf.
When shopping on our website, you can filter the display to show only shoes available in fitting.

EE Fitting
There is a
difference in
additional width
and depth from an
EE to and 8E fitting.
8E Fitting
Features Summary
Features Summary



Internal depth in shoe is
greater than it appears, as
the sole is extended up the
side of the shoe to disguise
the depth. Red dotted line
shows extra depth hidden
inside shoe.

Hidden Depths

Pictures can be deceiving! Some of our shoes may not look as
if they have deep toe boxes. This is because we hide the depth
within the sole.
You can wear a shoe which looks completely normal from the
outside but has the comfort of a deep toebox on the inside.


Features Summary


The dotted red line shows the height
of the sole on the OUTSIDE of the
shoe. There is extra depth that you
can't see from the outside.

Features Summary

Removable Insoles

Most of our styles have removable insoles. Some styles are
supplied with two insoles. Removing insoles creates extra
depth within the shoe, and also allows you to replace with
your own orthotics.
Initially, try the shoe on with the insoles in place. If the
shoe feels too tight, remove one insole and try on again.
Consider each foot individually
By removing insoles, or replacing with your own orthotics,
you can tailor the fit of each shoe
Lastly, adjust any straps or laces to the most comfortable
setting for each foot.

Features Summary
Extended Straps

Extended Straps

Selected styles have adjustable, extended straps which can
help if your feet or ankles are swollen. We also offer this
feature on sandals.
It can be very useful, as you can adjust straps to suit each
We do this in two ways:
Cut-To-Fit Straps - See left
Adjustable 'cut-to-fit' straps can be cut to the length
Removable Adjustable Straps - See right
Some shoes are supplied with a choice of strap lengths or
extension pieces - you can attach the correct length strap
for your feet.
Separate Strap Extensions - See left
Adjustable 'cut-to-fit' straps can be cut to the length
Elasticated Straps - See right
Elastic inserts allow the strap to adapt to accommodate
your foot.

Extended Straps
Supportive House Shoes

Supportive House Shoes

Even when you are relaxing at home, you may still require
supportive footwear. Our House Shoes are constructed just
like a shoe, with a built-in heel stiffener, which offers more
support and stability to the wearer.
We offer many designs, which are soft and comfortable,
like slippers, but with hidden benefits built in. We also
offer extra features - such as stretch uppers and easy
access, touch-fastening straps.
They also have a substantial sole that can be worn inside
or outside - so you don't need to change your shoes to step

Supportive House Shoes
Easy Access Styles

Easy Access Styles

Our easy access styles are perfect to make putting your
footwear on, and taking it off, extra easy.
We have designed strap fastenings which open up
completely, in a variety of styles - including shoes,
boots and house shoes, both classic and fashion styles.

Easy Access Styles
Stretch Uppers

Stretch Uppers

Our stretch designs offer the perfect solution for tender
or 'bumpy' feet. The supple, hard wearing fabrics stretch
comfortably to accommodate your foot shape, and gently
stretch as your foot shape changes during the day.
We use a textured fabric design in some styles - which
adds a new design dimension and cleverly disguises
bumpy feet!

Stretch Uppers

Stretch Uppers
Types of Soles

Types of Soles

We take sole design very seriously. Our soles are constructed
for maximum comfort and durability.

Air Bubble Soles
Using a special process which we have pioneered,
thousands of tiny air bubbles are inserted during the making of this sole
which cushion every step you take.

Grippy Rubber Soles
This sole has a special panel for greater grip

Dual Density Rubber/PU Sole
This sole has a special panel for greater grip, and sandwiched
between the outsole and the upper is an Air Bubble layer to
cushion your feet

Flared Soles
The sole is 'flared' to give a greater surface area, hence greater
stability. A supportive heel cup cradles your foot.

Types of Soles
Twist Control Insoles

Twist Control Insoles

Our cleverly designed twist-control insoles have extra support
built in, giving more support at the back whilst maintaining
flexibility at the front. This integral insole helps prevent the foot
from twisting so giving a more stable footing.

Many of our UK-made 6E and 8E fittings have this type of insole.

Twist Control Insoles