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We understand that everyone is unique - and so are their feet. Everyone's feet are different in size, shape and width. We offer seven width fittings - from extra wide to extremely wide and deep, so whatever the shape and size of your feet, we can guarantee the perfect fit.

Our designers have taken great care to ensure that not only will our shoes improve the comfort of your feet, but with hundreds of style and colour options to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect fitting shoe for any occasion, without sacrificing style.


Are High Street shoes too tight and uncomfortable?

Do you need shoes which are:

Slighty Deeper Fitting Shoes Slighty Wider Fitting Shoes Much Wider Fitting Shoes

VAT exemption on 6E, 8E and 6V fittings

VAT exemption is available for certain medical conditions; your medical advisor will be able to advise you.



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Watch our guide on measuring your feet

Guide to our different width fittings

Here at DB Wider Fit Shoes, we try to make our footwear as adjustable as we can. Foot conditions, a varied climate and our changing levels of activity can all affect the size and shape of our feet. We aim, therefore, to make our shoes as adaptable as possible.

Variable Wide Fitting Shoes

Our V (Variable) fitting can be adjusted in depth by the removal of an insole, to fit an E to an EEE foot. So, if you normally buy a regular sized shoe, but need more depth in the toe box, the V fitting will accommodate this.

The shoe will be similar to a wide fitting shoe that you would find at a High Street retailer, but with more depth.

V Variable Wide Fitting Shoes

Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

Our EE fit shoes are wider in the tread area than most other shoes which give the space for your feet to spread naturally, providing total comfort.

The rounded shape of the shoe provides plenty of room for the toes, whilst the removable insole inserts allow for orthotics if you use them.

Many styles have lightweight flexible soles incorporating air bubble technology to ensure total underfoot comfort.

EE Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

2V Variable Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

Our 2V fitting is for a slightly wider foot and can be varied in depth from an EE fitting to a 4E fitting by removing an insole or the adjustment of straps to suit the needs of the wearer.

The shoes are either supplied with 2 removable insoles to create extra depth, "stretchy" upper material or adjustable fastenings on the upper which allows the top part of the shoe to adjust for each foot.

2V Variable Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

4E Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

Our 4E fit shoes have the same tread width as our EE fitting shoes, but with a deeper toe box.

For those who may suffer from mild swelling of the feet or have misshaped toes, then our 4E footwear has that extra depth to make things that little bit more comfortable.

The rounded shape of the extra wide shoe provides plenty of room for the toes, whilst benefit from removable sock inserts to allow for orthotics if necessary and lightweight flexible soles ensures total underfoot comfort.

4E Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

6E Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

Looks can be deceiving. Though our 6E fitting shoes look like standard shoes they are so wide and deep that they are suitable for people with extremely wide or swollen feet who cannot easily find shoes on the high street.

We make our 6E fitting shoes on a completely new sole which has a wider tread than our EE / 4E shoes and a deeper toe box, giving more "volume" within the shoe for your feet.

Our 6E fitting shoes come with either a single removable sock to allow for insertion of orthotics, or two removable socks for extra depth or the insertion of orthotics. The removable socks supplied ensure total underfoot comfort

6E Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

6V Variable Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

Our 6V fitting shoes are made on the same "wide tread" soles as our 6E fitting shoes but incorporate uppers that can either be adjusted through the use of removable in socks, straps or "stretchy" materials to vary the fitting from a 6E to an 8E fitting.

6V Variable Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

8E Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

Our 8E fitting shoes have the same "wider tread" sole as our 6E fitting shoes but an even deeper toe box to accommodate the widest, deepest feet.

These are the widest fitting shoes available on the UK market and we are sure will help many of you in finding the perfect fit, no matter if you suffer from swollen feet or any other foot problems.

Our 8E fitting shoes feature the removable socks for extra depth and orthotic insertion if required and benefit from the Polifresh sock ensuring total underfoot comfort.

8E Extra Wide Fitting Shoes
If you are in need of further fitting guidance, please read our advice from The Society of Shoe Fitters with details from Laura West
"It is essential that a shoe allows a foot to function properly. In trying to achieve this, simply considering the stated width of a shoe is not enough as the footwear must also feature a toe box deep enough to allow ample room for the toes." Professor Wesley Vernon OBE

Head of Podiatry Services and Research Lead, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

How to wear our variable fitting shoes V 2V 6V

Our variable fittings are designed to give maximum fit flexibility, and are ideal if your feet change shape during the day.

How do you vary the fit to suit you?

  • Look inside the shoe to see if the insoles are removable.
  • Some styles are supplied with two insoles. Removing insoles creates extra depth within the shoe, and also allows you to replace with your own orthotics.
  • Try the shoe on with the insoles in place. If the shoe feels too tight, remove one insole and try on again.
  • Consider each foot individually
  • By removing insoles, or replacing with your own orthotics, you can tailor the fit of each shoe
  • Lastly, adjust any straps or laces to the most comfortable setting for each foot.

How to choose the right shoe for you

To buy the most comfortable, easy-to-wear shoe for you, it's important to consider your own specific requirements. The points below will help you decide which features are most important for you.


Shoes can be "attached" to the foot via lace, straps, elastic or the "grip of the foot".


Laces are the securest form of fastening. They can be adjusted allowing the facings to accommodate different heights of instep and allow for secure, stable support around the ankle. They are the most difficult form of fastening to use as the shoe has to be opened up and tightened requiring agility and dexterity in the use of fingers.

Ideal for more able wearers who are on their feet all day.

Pull back strap & d ring

Pull back strap through a D ring. This strap offers easier fastening but gives a secure fastening around the foot. It is easier than a lace to adjust, but not as easy to access as a "laid on strap". Many people find this type of fastening good as it offers a good compromise between easy of fastening and support. Ideal for more able wearers who want and easier to fasten shoe whilst still offering good support.

Laid on strap

This is the easiest strap to adjust but gives a less secure fastening than a pull back strap as it cannot be "levered" back through a D ring. Ideal for those wearers who are less active and want an easy fastening shoe.

Elastic Gussets / Elastic Toplines

Elastic gussets and elasticated toplines give limited adjustment but allow the wearer to "slip" the shoes on and off easily. There is less support than with a bar or lace which may mean that the foot slides around within the shoe more unless it is a very good fit.

Court Style

This type of shoe is very "elegant" but has no adjustment or fitting. The shoe is held onto to the foot by the wearer.

Stay points

Stay points are the end points where the "quarters", the side of the shoe joins the "vamp" or front of the shoe. There is a stay point on either side of a shoe. See picture right. If these points are close together the fastening is not as adjustable and access into the shoe is not as easy.

Orlando Navy/Burgundy

The further the stay points are apart or the closer they are to the front of the shoe the greater the opening generated and the more adjustable the shoe is, see picture left.

If you have a high instep or want a shoe that opens up wide for easy access choose a style with the stay points further apart or closer to the toe - see a selection of our styles below.


In the summer when it's much more comfortable to have more open shoes, it is still possible to have back support. We offer sandals with different backs which affect the degree of support that they give.


Full back sandals are the most supportive sandal with a full back and stiffener providing support to the heel.

Kirsty Black
Kirsty Black


Sling back sandals ensure that the sandal is securely fastened to the foot but do not offer heel support.

Pippa Navy
Pippa Navy


Mule sandals offer no support to the wearer but are easy to "slip on and off"

Bluebell Beige
Bluebell Beige

House Shoes

Most slippers on the market, though enclosed, have no "stiffener" built into the shoe and therefore have no support for the wearer. Our HOUSE SHOES have a stiffener built into them, just as a shoe offering more support and stability to the wearer. They have a substantial sole that can be worn inside or outside. Our house shoes offer more support than slippers.

Caroline 2 House Shoes