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Our shoes have been designed specifically to meet the needs of people with wide or swollen feet. Over three generations, we have developed unique features (ones that you will not find in the high street) that make our footwear roomy, comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

When people talk about the “width” of a shoe they are actually talking about the combination of side to side (tread width) and height (depth of toe box) measurements. Variations in either of these parameters is possible.

Comfort starts with the correct fitting in terms of length, width and toe depth. A shoe should not be too tight or too loose. To ensure that you select the correct fitting, DB easy b shoes are made in EE, 4E, 6E and 8E fittings, thus ensuring the “perfect fit for wider feet”.

Our EE (extra wide fitting) have a wider tread than high street shoes and a rounder, deeper toe box so that your toes are not squashed.

Our 4E fitting shoes have the same tread width as the EE, but an even deeper toe box to allow room for hammer toes or other conditions that need a deeper toe box.

Our “V” variable fitting shoes are described as such because the shoe or the upper has been designed to change in volume thus changing the fitting. Variable fitting shoes have an extra sock inserted into the shoe. With the sock inserted the shoe is EE fitting. Removing the sock increases the fitting to a 4E fitting. The open toe sandals have uppers that can be adjusted to accommodate different foot shapes. This feature allows the fitting of the sandal to be changed so that it fits your foot perfectly.

Our 6E fitting shoes are made on a completely different sole mould than the EE and 4E fitting shoes. This sole is even wider in tread width and has an even deeper toe box making these shoes ideal for very wide forefeet or swollen feet.

Our 8E fitting shoes are amongst the widest, deepest shoes commercially available. These shoes have the same tread width as the 6E fitting styles but the toe box is even deeper making the shoes ideal for more swollen feet.

It is because DB easy b shoes are available in so many fittings that it is possible for you to get the correct fitting shoe for you in terms of length, width and depth. That’s why DB easy b shoes are “The perfect fit for wider feet”.